That's "toilets" to you and me. So, how do you "accommodate" an instant city of eating and drinking (and drinking, and drinking...) human beings? There's actually a sewage treatment facility right on the farm. Thought you should know. Meanwhile, there's the usual long lineups in the morning...

Loos_lineups.jpg (172210 bytes)

But, if you're a guy, there's high capacity urinals (this picture was taken on Wednesday before they got truly disgusting)

Loos_high_capacity_urinals.jpg (123859 bytes)

Despite the ubiquitous toilets and urinals, it seems that some guys just can't wait...(and, despite the signage, some areas positively reeked by Sunday)

Loos_nopee.jpg (173260 bytes)

And even the best laid plans sometimes fail...

Loos_waterpressure.jpg (147408 bytes)

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