Monday, August 09, 2004

A Book of Dreams, A Quick Review

Book of Dreams Due DatesFinished Peter Reich’s book, A Book of Dreams, about which I’ve been obsessing all summer. Quite a good read, actually. The title is pretty descriptive. Peter Reich’s father, Wilhelm, died when he was 13, and it took Peter another 13 years to try and understand some of the fantasmagorical principles behind his dad’s work with Orgone energy (googled here, and Wilhelm Reich, there’s lots of info out there.) The book is written as some present tense happenings, and some very dreamlike past memories (I won’t reveal you how he gets to recall these memories - that would be telling.) If you want a fairly short (172pp) interesting read on a very interesting man, as seen through his son’s eyes, try and find a copy and give it a read.

As I mentioned before, this book has been in my mind for almost 20 years. It was written in 1973, while Kate Bush’s video, Cloudbusting (audio clip here) was released to Canadian audiences on November 25, 1985, about 12 years later. Now, back in those days, the Ryerson library stamped the “date due” on a little sheet on the inside flyleaf of the book you were taking out. That little slip of paper is still there in the book, and it’s clear that the popularity of A Book of Dreams soared just after the video was released. Click on the picture on the left to see the Date Due slip.



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