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Last Updated: Friday, February 10, 2006

DanaCam FAQ

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05.03: Just a handful of DanaCam pics from the moving days, mid-May, 2003... (14456 bytes) (15672 bytes) (18859 bytes) (17703 bytes)

08.02.02: Well, it's been a while. But seeing as I'm home so much this summer, you should get another look at the DanaCam. Here's the archives so far - nothing terribly fascinating (especially if you're a follower of the DanaBlog), but the nice thing is that Paint Shop Pro 7.0 has some nice algorithms for JPEG artifact removal and colour correction, so these pictures should actually look pretty good... (19099 bytes) (17347 bytes) 07.17.02.jpg (22697 bytes) 07.18.02.jpg (21290 bytes) 08.02.02.jpg (21022 bytes)

03/25/02: The DanaCam has pretty much been shut down. If you want to read about why, and also read the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the camera, click here or on the DanaCam FAQ button above.

09.04.01: A few new final updates, finally some with the captioning and date and time stamp again...and some featuring the ShelbyCam...I can finally do "on the fly" captures with the new software...

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07.23.01: I found a few more captures in a folder, while I was redesigning the domain. There aren't that many because the new cam software doesn't allow you to do on-the-fly captures as easily. And the picture captioning option is gone, too! I'm not a happy camper. But, I'll try and grab frames when I can. Enjoy!

eyeswideshut.jpg (17064 bytes) barbie_on_shoulder.jpg (16371 bytes) illuminati.jpg (16177 bytes) buffy_broken_arm.jpg (17857 bytes) buffy_all_better.jpg (17224 bytes) blurrr.jpg (20632 bytes) groovin.jpg (20373 bytes)

04.26.01: Here is the first gallery from the new DanaCam, active since April. There aren't that many captures yet. More to come...stay tuned!

Leaving_Harrys_Place Wiped! Setting_Up Cleaning_Up_The_Old_Paperwork Holographic_Spinner_From_England Gotta_Stop_Singing_With_Britney Computer_Desk_Arrives New_Home_of_DanaCam Damn_Fine_Coffee Damn_Fine_Coffee_#2

...in the meantime, here are a handful of my favourites from the DanaCam 2000 series, especially for those of you who have heard about it, but wondered what all the fuss was about...

Bet You Didn't Know I Had A Teddy Bear...    Bucket And Mop Time    Whassup With Me???    Meditation    The DanaCam Articulated Mount!    Too Funny For Words    I Know There's A Quarter Under The Cushions!    Human Pincushion    My Future's So Bright...    Crushing Barbie?    Extreme Close Up!!!    Cleanup.jpg (16661 bytes)    No Hot Water!    Seriously Sleeping    What Are The Odds?    Evil Playdoh Person    Chocolate Milk Mustache    I Should Never Sing With Cher, When The DanCam Is On!    Working Too Hard    Well...imagine that...    Summer Has Arrived #1    Summer Has Arrived #2    Cleaning The Printer...And I Fixed It, Too!    Contemplation    The Light Box    The Laser Pointer!    Full Moon Caution    I Wonder What Was Surprising Me So Much?    YakBak!    Confession!    Catching Some Zzz's...    Did you know TV remotes did THIS?    Yes, it's true...they're re-doing the underground parking!    Dubbing Old Audiotapes    Excited, Isn't He?    Finally out on the balcony, to write my research paper!    Let There Be Light    Let There Be Li---...OOPS!    No, not dead...just stretching.    10 Student Theses - A Light Weekend's Reading    Buffy..."on the cover of Rolling Stone"    Caught Redhanded...Eating Haagendas    Proving once again...I have no life    Can't fix it this time...    The life of a student...    The pencil sharpener *is* near the DanaCam...!    Academia Nut #1    Academia Nut #2    Academia Nut #3 (frustrated!)    The Finished Product!    My Major Research Paper Proposal Got Passed By The Ethics Committee!    Marking RTA Papers #1    Marking RTA Papers #2    Marking RTA Papers #3    Marking RTA Papers #4    Refilling an ink cartridge...    Crashed!    A little ray of sunshine!    A rare picture - in a suit?!    Tossing the duster - and I caught it!    Every humble toilet needs cleaning...    Dana By The Numbers    Me and Stringer    Barbie and Me?    But, Will It Fly?    Eye Eye    Nothing like a good breakfast to relieve a hangover...    Feh...    DanaCam: Separated At Birth?    Charisma Carpenter: Separated At Birth?    Give Peas A Chance    Stretch

                                                                                                                          ^  Separated at Birth???  ^

Healthy KraftDinner    What The...?    Must Have Coffee...    There's Never Anything In The Fridge...    I'm An Uncle!    Sunday Morning Eggs    Up Way Too Late    Housecleaning    Watching TV    Up Late...Again!    On The Phone...    Fate?    Barbie.jpg (15535 bytes)    Morning Coffee    Cooking Up A Storm    Contemplation    Dishwashing...    Fixing The Hairdryer    Harry & Me    Why Does The Budget Never Balance?    Doin' Research...    The Far Side    The View From My Computer

and, the "moving" series...four days of packing hell before I went around the world...

Moving1_1.jpg (17737 bytes)    Moving1_2.jpg (17135 bytes)    Moving1_3.jpg (16181 bytes)    Moving1_4.jpg (18713 bytes)    Moving1_5.jpg (16261 bytes)    Moving1_6.jpg (17231 bytes)    Moving2_1.jpg (15673 bytes)    Moving2_2.jpg (16177 bytes) Moving2_3.jpg (19241 bytes)    Moving3_1.jpg (18318 bytes)    Moving3_2.jpg (18405 bytes)    Moving3_3.jpg (18935 bytes)    Moving3_4.jpg (17101 bytes)    Moving4_1.jpg (18758 bytes)    Moving4_2.jpg (16538 bytes)    Moving_Final_Pic.jpg (17954 bytes)

...and some final pictures on August 23, 2000, just before I left::

Me and Sherry    Thinking Too Hard    Glasses?    Sunset    Sex and the City    Fingerprint    Angelic?    Me and Harry    Mirrored???