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Last Updated: Saturday, June 25, 2011

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Television, Technology and Teaching

Television Technical Theory: Unplugged
The full online version of my tech textbook - read worldwide. Enjoy!

Dana's Tech Lists
A compendium of where to find cool audio, television, and new media links on the Web


DanaLife Blog
Read by thousands of surfers since 2002, but as of January 2010, no longer updated.

DanaCam Archives
From 2000 to 2003, once upon a time, I had a webcam....

Glastonbury Festival 2002
Lots of photos and notes from the Glastonbury Festival, 2002!

Wiccan Barbie
A short Barbie parody - a new role model for girls!

The Grass Is Greener
This is a digital conversion of an audio interview I did with Dr. Alexander Sumach in 1974. An interesting archive from a long ago time...

Separated at Birth?
Was I separated at birth? You decide...

Google Earth / Google Maps Locations

A collection of sites within the Google Earth / Google Map database that look interesting from space. Most of them have some kind of ancient relationship - things that are simply old, that look interesting to us, that can best be seen from above.