"If you read a lot of books you are considered well read. But if you watch a lot of TV, you're not considered well viewed."

-- Lily Tomlin


The online resource on your screen is a compendium of facts, figures, philosophies and theories that took almost two years to pull together back in the early 1990s and has been re-edited almost every year (or when I get around to it) since then. Each year, changes are made as technology progresses.

Some Thoughts on Words, Illustrations, the Internet, and Credit Where It Is Due


This bibliography chapter is over fourteen printed pages long - and that�s just the paper references. I�m almost certain that somewhere in this 300 plus page reference, I�ve used some phrase I may have read someplace before. If I have used your words and not given you proper credit, I have lost count of the hundreds of articles I�ve read over the years, but I always want to give credit where it is due.

And...there's probably even more articles that I've forgotten!


Whenever I could possibly track back the source of an illustration that wasn�t my own, I have put a little "Courtesy of..." in the caption. If a diagram or photograph is yours (or your company�s) and I will credit you appropriately. As well, if you really don�t want me to use your photograph or illustration (with the free credit and publicity to your company, book, journal or website), and I will remove it immediately.

The Internet and The Bibliography

When first writing this book, often my desk would be covered with papers, photocopies, books with broken backs and little slips of paper tucked within. Usually, I'd read a few pages and then totally re-write confusing or intricate concepts. The stack of books and articles was literally a couple of feet high around me. Back then, there was no readily available Internet - all the source materials were mostly engineering tomes and journal articles.

Since those heady days, there is now the Internet. I have completely lost count of the number of websites I surfed this past summer alone (2003) just for the update to version 5.0. And, with the availability of excellent search engines, I�ve decided to not list every URL I�ve visited over the last several years - it would probably triple the length of the Bibliography section. Your own surfing investigations into television are encouraged!

Having said that, if you encounter a graphic or photo I�ve attached the "Courtesy of" details to, please drop by these wonderful websites, journals and authors and donate, subscribe, or just say thanks to them!

So, the following is a sort of Bibliography and Reference section. Some of this material is very dry; other items are extremely entertaining. Your own reading and investigation is encouraged. Enjoy.

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